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Action Links and Notifications

The E-mail Activity Report allows you to manage your e-mail directly from your e-mail client or by clicking through to use our web-based Self Service Console. The action icons in this report will allow you to view, release and resend messages, as well as allowing you to report e-mail as spam to both your server and our spam clearing house for further analysis.

Self Service Console - The Self Service Console is a web-based interface that lets you manage your e-mail. The Self Service Console extends the information and functionality of the E-mail Activity Report, giving you access to all of your e-mail activity and letting you change the format of your E-mail Activity Report. The E-mail Activity Report provides a link for accessing this interface.

View Message - Open the e-mail in a new web browser window or tab. From this window you can view, release/resend, view the scoring information and report the message as spam.

Resend/Release Message - The e-mail will be resent or released from the message quarantine. The status for this e-mail will not change in the current E-mail Activity Report (which is a static report.) Further reports will show the message as being sent as will the Self Service Console.

Report Message as Spam - Report an e-mail as spam. This will mark the message as spam and help to train the content filters on your PerfectMail server. Further, a spam report will be sent to our spam clearing house for further analysis. The status for this e-mail will not change in the current E-mail Activity Report (which is a static report.)

Message Transfer was Encrypted - This is not an action link, it is a notification that the message was transferred using an encrypted transport mechanism. This is an important indicator for organizations where secure e-mail transport is necessary.


  1. Action Linksmake use of your web browser. Clicking on these links will cause a web browser window to open, for each click.
  2. E-mail Activity Reports must be enabled by your PerfectMail Administrator.


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