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PerfectMail™ ENTERPRISE QUALITY ANTI-SPAM/anti-virus protection for everyone!

  • About PerfectMail


    PerfectMail™ is a simple, accurate, easy to deploy, and easy to use solution for spam and virus filtering. It acts as an independent e-mail firewall for your Mail Server.

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  • Free And Commercial Editions


    PerfectMail™ protects your e-mail server from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks. It leverages proprietary advanced e-mail filtering techniques...

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  • Cloud Services


    PerfectMail™ is completely new! Its fast, real-time anti-spam engine and advanced spam filtering strategies were built from first principles in our lab to be the fastest, most effective...

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PerfectMail Cloud — Host your anti-spam protection on our Cloud

Ideal for organizations who need effective, accurate and consistently correct e-mail protection but don't want to own and administer their own anti-spam solution.


Cloud Ready Virtual Machines — for VMware, Hyper–V, XenServer, VirtualBox etc.

PerfectMail Virtual Machines are ideal for organizations who have commited to virtualization and who want to leverage those investments by choosing ready-made security solutions.


Physical Server Solutions — Install on your preferred vendor hardware.

PerfectMail is ideal for organizations that want PerfectMail's superior anti-spam and anti-virus protection without having to purchase additional hardware.


Announcing PerfectMail Free Edition!

Need enterprise antispam protection but have no budget? PerfectMail Free Edition allow individuals and small organizations to deploy PerfectMail at no up front cost... Read more...

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