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Virtual Machines

PerfectMail Anti-Spam Virtual Appliances are an excellent way to:

  • improve server utilization
  • reduce your footprint
  • minimize overhead

Our single install image has been designed and tested to work with modern virtualization technologies including VMware and Hyper-V.

PerfectMail Virtual Machines are ideal for organizations who have committed to virtualization and who want to leverage that investment by choosing ready-made security solutions.

Get effective, consistent anti-spam and anti-virus protection. You also get the the tools you need to manage, monitor and review e-mail use. This makes the PerfectMail ideal for businesses, charities, non-profits, schools and other organizations who want enterprise class anti-spam protection with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Along with the usual benefits offered by PerfectMail, PerfectMail Virtual machines provide:

  • Rapid Deployment.Quickly build a new server, install and go.
  • Easy scalability.PerfectMail VMs can be resized to meet any e-mail volume. Simply increase RAM, CPU, disk capacity and network shares to deal with any unanticipated increase in e-mail traffic.
  • Low Overhead.PerfectMail Virtual Machines use host resources very lightly. In tests, a PerfectMail VM protecting 20,000 users and handling 60,000+ connections per hour used no more than 35% of a 3.0Ghz Xeon CPU, 512mb of RAM and needed no more than 25GB of disk.
  • No Hardware to Deploy.PerfectMail VMs run on your existing Virtual Infrastructure so there is no additional hardware to buy, support, etc. which saves you money.
  • No Hardware to Fail.PerfectMail VMs benefit from the inherent reliability and scalability of your Virtual Infrastructure. PerfectMail VMs reduce risk because there is no dedicated hardware to fail. This protects you from e-mail hardware related or strss related e-mail outages. Don't invest in low cost antispam appliances that are based on entry-level consumer oriented hardware, deploy an enterprise class VMware ready solution today.
  • Rapid Recovery.Be ready to recovery all of your virtual infrastrucutre - including your anti-spam protection by deploying PerfectMail VMs in standby mode in your Disaster Recovery site.
  • Low Cost Disaster Preparedness. PerfectMail Virtual Machines can be deployed in stand-by mode in your Disaster Recovery site at no additional charge. This saves you money over other solutions that require additional hardware or license costs.

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