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Cloud Services

PerfectMail Cloud is an ideal solution for enterprise class e-mail protection without the cost, complexity and hassles of providing antispam protection in house.

PerfectMail Antispam Cloud provides inbound and outbound messaging hygiene/filtering protection with antimalware, antispam, antivirus and unwanted content blocking. We offer:

  • Highly redundant, virtualized infrastructure with in service availability rates that exceed 99.99%
  • Accurate, effective spam filtering with better than 99.5% filter accuracy and less than 0.1% false positives (with PerfectMail acting as both inbound and outbound ESMTP gateways)
  • Bulk e-mail protection through our sophisticated Spamvertiser detection/blocking network
  • Virus defense by blocking e-mails with dangerous/unwanted attachments
  • Phishing and fraud defenses with sender reputation and web link validation checks
  • Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection against e-mail  attacks. Even under extreme pressure, PerfectMail continues to service e-mail traffic from known peers

PerfectMail Cloud also provides enhanced e-mail privacy and security with

  • Infrastructure outside of the United States and is out of reach of the NSA's data capture activities
  • Ability to force e-mail encryption between peers to ensure that no e-mail is ever sent in cleartext
  • Ability to force strong encryption options to ensure your message stays private

PerfectMail Cloud is safe, secure and easy to configure and use:

  • Primary and Secondary Mail Exchanger (MX) services available
  • Mail queuing ensures that no inbound e-mail is lost when your mail servers are off-line or your Internet connection is unavailable
  • E-mail recovery provides you with ability to recover individual user, domain or site traffic going back for weeks
  • E-mail review and redirect gives management the power to review past e-mail exchanges between any employee and peer (subject to data retention SLA)
  • Off-site disaster preparedness services allows you to continue to process e-mail if your mail server infrastructure should experience a failure (contact us for details)


Key Benefits

  • No infrastructure to buy, house, administer, back up or recover
  • Maintain user productivity by eliminating distractions and simplifying e-mail management
  • Reduce threats by filtering out viruses, spam, malware, advertising and phishing messages
  • Enforce acceptable use policies, improve management oversight and control
  • Switch over with no e-mail service interruptions
  • Integrate PerfectMail Cloud into your environment in 30 minutes or less



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