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PerfectMail Editions & Pricing

We offer five PerfectMail editions to suit organizations of all sizes, requirements and technical sophistication... Click PerfectMail Cloud if you would like to know more about our Cloud offerings. If you are using or about to renew another product and would like a special competitive upgrade price, please contact us.

How to Chose The Right PerfectMail Edition

All editions of PerfectMail allow for unlimited e-mail accounts within protected domains. However, license tiers impose other restrictions:

Concurrent Threads. Threads are separate paths of execution (each thread handles one inbound / outbound e-mail exchange). The more threads your have, the more e-mail you can process at the same time. Small companies don't process a lot of mail so smaller thread limits are fine. Larger organizations, Web Hosting companies or Internet Service Providers benefit from higher thread limits that allow PerfectMail to process more e-mail†.

Supported Domains. Our Free and Small Business license tiers are intended for smaller organizations who only have a few domains. Larger organizations or organizations with many domains need a license with support potentially many domains.

Advanced Features. Only PerfectMail Standard, Advanced and Enterprise editions include the advanced antispam filters, user management and DDoS attack defence features required by the most demanding organizations. Select one of these editions to experience PerfectMail at its best, to ensure continued mail flow under adverse network conditions and to get management and end user self service tools your organization needs.



PerfectMail Edition Free Version Small Business Standard Advanced Enterprise
Perpetual License Pricing (License never expires)
Initial License Fee $0 $499 $899 $1,999 $4,999
Yearly Maintenance Fee $0 $249 $399 $849 $1,999
(Covers software/signature/antivirus updates, etc. for year 2 and beyond)          
Monthly License Pricing (Pay by the month. No upfront license fee.)
Monthly Fee $0 $35 $55 $120 $300
Maintenance Fees $0 Included Included Included Included
Server Entitlements
PerfectMail Production Servers 1 1 1 2 3
PerfectMail Disaster Recovery Site Servers 0 0 0 1 2
Support Entitlements Additional Support Packs are available (below)
Support Incidents Included 0 1 1 2 4
E-mail User Limit Recommendation
Recommended Maximum Users 25 150 500 1,000 5,000
Maximum E-Mail Accounts unlimited† unlimited† unlimited† unlimited† unlimited†
Maximum E-Mail Aliases unlimited† unlimited† unlimited† unlimited† unlimited†
Maximum Protected Domains 2 unlimited† unlimited† unlimited† unlimited†
E-mail Traffic Limits
Maximum Concurrent E-Mail Connections (Inbound + OutBound) 4 32 64 128 256
Recommended Maximum Messages per Day 64,000†† 250,000†† 500,000†† 1,000,000†† 2,000,000††
Maximum Message Store 7 days 30 days 60 days 90 days unlimited†
Server Configuration Recommendation
CPU Cores (Recommended / Maximum) 1 / 2 1 / 2 2 / 4 2 / 4 4 / 4
Memory (Recommended / Maximum) 1Gb / 4GB 1GB / 4GB 2GB / 4GB 2GB / 4GB 4GB / 8GB
Disk Storage (Recommended / Maximum) 10GB / 1TB 20GB / 1TB 50GB / 1.5TB 100GB / 2TB 200GB / 2TB
PerfectMail Features
Basic Spam Filters
Advanced Spam Filters
Sender Reputation Filters
Antivirus & Attachment Filters
Distributed/Co-operative Filtering
Web Console Management
User Empowerment Tools
Advanced Web Console Management  
E-mail Traffic Management  
PerfectMail Application Cluster*      
Basic Server Assurance
Advanced Server Assurance    
Additional Support Packs

Per Incident Support $199
5 Incident Support Pack $800
10 Incident Support Pack $1,450
25 Incident Support Pack $2,995


PerfectMail Plus Option!

Gives you Premium Support Services plus 2 additional support incidents for only $300!

Free Demo!

A free demonstration period is automatically enabled for all new PerfectMail installations. Try us for 60 days for free. Simply download an ISO installation image, install and go. The demo period is automatically setup for you. Download PerfectMail now or contact us for more information.

Special Pricing

PerfectMail offers special pricing to schools, charities, non-profit and other non-commercial organizations. To find out if your organization qualifies, please contact us for more information.

† - Unlimited values mean that PerfectMail does not impose any artificial limits on these properties. However, these values are naturally restricted by server, client and network based capacity and performance; including but not limited to the availability of resources, such as processor, memory, disk space, bandwidth and client based limitations; among other things.

†† - PerfectMail does not impose a maximum message/day limit. Your actual maximum messages per day handled will be determined by many factors including: speed of your Internet connection, average size of an e-mail message, the performance of the underlying hardware, and the number of Threads your license allows. PerfectMail only imposes Threads limits. These can be easily bumped up by upgrading to the next higher edition of PerfectMail

* - These features are currently in development and may not be immediately available.

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