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PerfectMail ISP / Cloud Solutions

Standard Support Services

Customers who have standard support are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Free updates, pushed to your machine, for the PerfectMail anti-spam engine
  • Anti-virus signature updates sent to your machine as soon as they become available
  • Phone support between 9:00am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday EST (holidays excepted)

Free Updates.

This includes bug fixes and feature enhancements. PerfectMail will maximize your e-mail protection by automatically providing updates to your PerfectMail appliance. There is no need to waste time downloading and installing updates yourself. As a support customer, you never pay extra for software improvements to PerfectMail.

Antivirus updates.

Get protection from the latest virus and Phishing threats with our anti-virus update service. Your machine will automatically check for updates every hour.

Support customers get live phone support

With PerfectMail support you don't have to waste your time searching through FAQs or forums or exchanging e-mails with overworked support staff. Call in for live support.

Premium Support Services

In addition to the extensive benefits of Standard Support, Premium Support customers are entitled to the following services:

  • Jump to the Front of the Queue with premium phone support
  • Priority update service - receive your anti-spam and anti-virus updates first

Don't waste time waiting for a support call back. With premium support, you receive fast, priority service. Your call will either be handled by the first available support technician or it will be returned prior to any outstanding standard support inquiries.

Priority updates. Jump to the front of the update queue with priority updates. Your machine will receive anti-spam and anti-virus updates before Standard Support customers. Stop worrying about anti-spam or anti-virus update delays leaving you potentially vulnerable to zero-day attacks. With our priority update service you receive maximum protection.

For Premium Support Services order the PerfectMail Plus Option! This gives you Premium Support Services plus 2 additional support incidents for only $300 more!

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