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VMware™ Anti-Spam Virtual Machine

PerfectMail™ is designed for and developed in a VMware environment. It is VMware aware and will automatically install VMware tools during the setup process.

PerfectMail Virtual Machines are ideal for organizations who have committed to virtualization and want to leverage that investment by choosing VMware ready security solutions. The entire virtual machine is ready for deployment and includes our standard configuration with VMware Tools built into the install procedure.

You get effective, consistent antispam and antivirus protection. You also get the the tools you need to manage, monitor and review e-mail use. This makes PerfectMail ideal for businesses, non-profits and other organizations who want enterprise class antispam protection with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Creating a VMware VM

If you are creating a new PerfectMail Virtual Machine, use the following settings:

  • Operating System: Linux operating system
  • Version: CentOS 5.2 Linux (32-bit), RedHat 5.2 Linux (32-bit), Other 2.6x Linux (32-bit), or Other Linux (32-bit) (In order of preference.)
  • Memory: Minimum=1024Mb
  • Processors: 1
  • Capacity: 10Gb(Use the BusLogic SCSI HBA controller, if available.)
  • CD/DVD Drive: Use an ISO Image pointed to your PM-x.x.x-x.x.iso file
  • Also required: network adapter
  • Not required: floppy drive or USB device

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